Marymount University

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Administrative Officers

Matthew D. Shank, President and Chief Executive Officer

Sherri Lind Hughes, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Enrollment Management

Alphonso V. Diaz, Vice President for Financial Affairs and Treasurer

Linda McMurdock, Vice President for Student Affairs, and University Title IX Coordinator

Joseph D.W. Foster, Esq., Vice President for University Advancement

Academic Affairs and Enrollment Management

TBD, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Michael Schuchert, Associate Vice President for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

Francesca Reed, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Director of Graduate Enrollment Services

George D. Cheatham, Jr., Dean, School of Arts and Sciences

Jeanne A. Matthews, Dean, Malek School of Health Professions

Zary Mostashari, Dean, Library and Learning Services

James F. Ryerson, Dean, School of Business Admnistration

Lois T. Stover, Dean, School of Education and Human Services

Victor Betancourt, Executive Director, Center for Global Education

Larry Hoffman, Executive Director, Reston Center

Steven Munson, Executive Director, Information Technology Services

Carolyn Oxenford, Executive Director, Center for Teaching and Learning

Sara Meehan, Director, Enrollment Information Systems

Debbie Raines, Director, Financial Aid

Scott Spencer, University Registrar

Heather Renault, Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Yolanda Gibson, Associate Dean for the First Year Experience


TBD, Director, Athletics

Financial Affairs

TBD, Executive Director, Human Resource Services

Peggy Axelrod, Director, Budget and Risk Management

TBD, University Bursar

Kandice Large, Manager, Barnes and Noble Bookstore

Upen Malani, Assistant Vice President, Campus Planning and Management

Ronald Somervell, Controller

Student Affairs

Rev. Brian Bashista, University Chaplain and Director of Campus Ministry

Catherine Brocker, Director, Student Health Center

Meg Dalmut, Assistant Director, Community Engagment

Marjory Eisenman, Director, Student Affairs

Christopher Fiorello, Director, Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

Eric Hols, Director, Campus Safety and Emergency Management

Tina Sheppard, Director, Campus and Residential Services

Meg Telfair, Director, Student Counseling Center

Aline Orfali, Director, International Student Services

Anne Aichle, Interim Director, New Student Transitions

Christina Rajmaira, Dean, Student Services

Vincent Stovall, Director, Campus Programs and Student Leadership Development

David Wilmes, Dean, Career Services and Professional Development

University Advancement

Erin Schlesing, Director, Annual Fund

TBD, Director, Alumni Relations

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Financial Information

Academic Support Services

Academic Information and Policies

University Requirements and the Liberal Arts Core

Academic Opportunities

Undergraduate Programs

Course Descriptions

Accounting Courses

Applied Arts Courses

Astronomy Courses

Biology Courses

Business Law Courses

Center for Career Services

Chemistry Courses

Communication and Media Design Courses

Criminal Justice Courses

Economics Courses

Education Courses

English Courses

EN 090 Introduction to College Reading

EN 100 Introduction to College Writing

EN 101 Composition I

EN 102 Composition II

EN 150 Introduction to American Sign Language

EN 200 Elements of Literary Study

EN 201 World Literature: The Ancient World

EN 202 World Literature: The Middle Ages

EN 203 World Literature: Renaissance through Enlightenment

EN 204 World Literature: Romanticism through Post-Modernism

EN 205 American Literature I

EN 206 American Literature II

EN 207 Theater History

EN 211 Principles of Language

EN 212 Topics in Acting

EN 220 The Movie or the Book? Narrative Adaptation in the Cinema

EN 225 Literary Superheroes

EN 227 Short Fiction

EN 230 American Multicultural Literature

EN 240 Introduction to Visual and Cultural Studies

EN 250 Introduction to Shakespeare and Elizabethan Literature in London

EN 270 Approaches to Creative Writing

EN 280 Perspectives on Language Acquisition

EN 290 Literary Theory and Practice

EN 301 The Writing Process: Theory and Practice

EN 303 Literary Nonfiction

EN 305 Topics in Creative Writing

EN 308 Style and Revision

EN 321 Modern Drama

EN 322 19th-Century British Poets

EN 323 Modern Poetry

EN 330 Chaucer and the Courtly Love Tradition

EN 340 Major Women Writers

EN 350 The American Dream

EN 351 Literature of Childhood and Adolescence

EN 355 Shakespeare

EN 357 Topics in Literature Before 1800

EN 385 Approaches to Teaching Secondary English

EN 400 Internship

EN 421 Project

EN 424 Senior Seminar

EN 426 Studies in the Novel

EN 428 Studies in Contemporary Literature

EN 429 Topics in Performance

EN 433 Research

EN 490 Major Author(s)

Finance Courses

Fine Arts Courses

First-Year Seminar Courses

French Courses

Geography Courses

Geology Courses

German Courses

Global Scholars Courses

Health And Human Performance Courses

Health Care Management Courses

Health Information Management Courses

History Courses

Honors Courses

Human Resource Management Courses

Humanities Courses

Information Technology Courses

Interdisciplinary Studies Courses

Interior Design Courses

Legal Administration Courses

Liberal Studies Courses

Literature Courses

Management Courses

Management Science Courses

Marketing Courses

Mathematics Courses

Multidisciplinary Studies Courses

Nursing Courses

Philosophy Courses

Physical Science Courses

Physics Courses

Politics Courses

Psychology Courses

Sociology Courses

Spanish Courses

Theology and Religious Studies Courses

University Leadership

Notices to Students